www.weacceptpets.co.uk Fit Paws Hydrotherapy Spofforth, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

We Accept Pets

Fit Paws Hydrotherapy is located near the village of Spofforth located between Harrogate and Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. We are registered with the canine hydrotherapy association (CHA) who are the leading body for canine hydro therapists. The centre is regularly audited to ensure high standards are always maintained and that each dog that comes to the centre receives the best treatment.

You can view this business on our website www.weacceptpets.co.uk by clicking on the link provided below:


Our brand new custom built facility features a large swimming pool and a state of the art aquatic treadmill. Using our superb equipment we are can offer a variety of treatments and programmes for dogs. Our centre has underfloor heating and we use green technology to power and heat it.

At Fit Paws Hydrotherapy we help in the rehabilitation of dogs as well as swimming the dogs for fitness. By using the properties the warm water offers we can help to improve the overall condition and wellbeing of all the dogs we see. Hydrotherapy can also be used pre surgery to build muscle and relieve pain as well as helping dogs cope with long term conditions and degenerative diseases.

Our sessions can also be tailored to help with weight loss. By using the pool and treadmill we can offer a controlled and clean environment to exercise your dog. Through combining the use of the pool and treadmill, we can offer low impact exercise to reduce stress on joints.

Each session will last approximately 40 minutes. Dogs will have a health check and will be showered prior to each swim. They will be fitted with a life jacket or harness for their swim and then showered and dried after each session. A record will be kept of each individual dog’s progress.

You can keep up to date on pet friendly accommodation on our website by liking our Facebook Page, following us on Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. The links can be found below:






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